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[Updated April 17, 2014]

To place an ad, email it here, along with your Member ID, typed in the body of the email. This page (and its printed version in Aeronca Aviator) is reserved for Current Club Members only. Please send only Aeronca-related ads.

                Caution!   Please Read.
This was received by a member: "I saw your advert and I'm interested in buying your xxx Asking at $nn .And I'll be paying you through my client who owes me in your country Get back to me with your full name and contact address, so that I can instruct my client to send the funds(money order) to you. After deducting the cost, can I trust you to send the rest of the amount (i.e the Residue fund) via western union money transfer to my shipper who will take care of the pick up Let me know as soon as possible, so that I can get in touch with my client. Thanks for your co-operation while anticipating your earliest response."
This is a common scam; please do not respond to messages similar to this.
Wanted L-3 landing gear case frames - need a set (4-243L/R).     David     919-365-3063   email   NC   19-4
For Sale 1946 7AC Champ, TTE/AF 1635/890SMOH-ENG. 65hp Cont. New Wood Prop, Compass & Tach w/Drive Cable, Slick Mags, Harness & Plugs 6-gal Wing Tanks, Wings/Ailerons recovered Ceconite - final color in Randthane. All ADs c/w. Annual 2/2013 I am only selling this plane due to poor health. I brought it up to date so I am selling it in good conscience $27,500.     Thomas     989-786-4908   MI   19-4
Wanted Dip stick for 13-gallon wing tanks.     Frank     email   CA   19-4
Wanted Full McDowell starter assembly for 7AC project.     Chris     620-218-9315   KS   19-4
Wanted Data plate & paperwork for 7FC.     Bob     863-299-3135   ON   19-4
For Sale Set of 11CC balanced stabilizer &elevators.     Tom     863-633-9117   FL   19-4
Wanted Compass,mount & bracket for 65-TAC (L-3.)     Larry     email   701-340-0646   ND   19-3
For Sale C-85-8 w/0-200 STC, 2000 total, zero since major, new slick mags/ harness, fresh overhauled carb, metal prop. $16,000.     Jimmy     214-356-6963   TX   19-3
For Sale Bendix S4/S6 mag parts, all new: 2 - Distributor gear P/N 10-357584, 2 - Cont. Breaker points P/N 10-357173, 2 - Breaker Cam P/N 10-88543-1, 3 - Condenser P/N 10-51676, 2 - Cont, Impulse coupling gear P/N M3998. All for $500.     Robert     817-781-9737   email   TX   19-3
Wanted Wanted information on STC to install VFR radio antenna on 7AC.     Brian     email   260-438-9060   IN   19-3
Wanted Urgently Needed: 1 Van Sickle P/N B38100 wheel half & 1 Van Sickle P/N B7100 backing plate for Chief 11CC.     Brian     email   ON   19-3
For Sale Small inventory of used 7AC parts: engine mount, L/H factory wing tank, landing gear o/h by Dave Rude, misc wing parts, etc.     Mike     day 334-774-4157, eves 334-774-6904   email   AL   19-2
Wanted Aeronca 7AC paperwork.     John     email   FL   19-2
Wanted To borrow or rent wing attach point jig for use in wing restoration on my L-16A.
    Bobby     859-351-2500   email   KY   19-2
Wanted - Climb prop for an Aeronca with A-65 engine or prop that can be re-pitched to climb.
- 337 for Champ hydraulic heel brakes.     Scott     480-619-2829   email   MN   19-2
For Sale Lower cowl for Champ. Bought new from Univair. Never installed. Zinc chromated after purchase. $250.     Robert     805-703-0552   email   CA   19-2
For Sale Edo 1400 floats, rigging for Chief, dual water rudders. $6,950.     Gary     email   WA   19-2
Wanted For 7AC Compass Mounting Flange, P/N 2-812, Cover, Cabin Aileron Cable, P/N 5-138 (R/H & L/H).
    Don     860-859-1102   email   CT   19-2
Wanted Seal or part number of the seal for the oil cap/dip stick cap for an A65-8F engine in a 1947 7AC.
    Russell     260-438-960  email   IN   19-2
For Sale 1948 Super Chief 11CC $31,900. C-90-8F, TTAF 2461, TTE 566, TSMOH 66 Factory New Limits in 2000, Restored 2011 w/Air-Tech covering, orig. color & scheme, Factory Toe Brakes, New Wing Spars, Metal Prop. Almost everything new. All documentation correct incl. FAA Approved Flight Manual referencing the C-90 as in the Type Certificate Data Sheets. Low fuel burn with STOL performance.     Walt     815-496-2879   email   IL   19-2
Champ on Cloud Nine from the Aeronca Store

Wanted Two set of wheel pant brackets for no-bounce gear or drawings of same.
    Harry     407-492-7196   email   FL   19-1
For Sale Fuel dip stick for 13-gal Champ tank w/better than 1/3-gal resolution. Design is after Vol 7 Issue 2 of Aeronca Aviator. 1/2" square x 12" long soft pine wood w/wood burnt markings at each gal. Send $10 check with your mailing address and I will send one off to you. Sam Burke, 613 Aqueduct Way, Solvang, CA 93463, this includes shipping in US.     Sam   email   CA   19-1
Wanted Spark plugs for Lycoming 65 hp 0-145.     Rod   310-488-3563   CA   19-1
For Sale Cont. A-65 S/N AF43-16336, 2118 TTE, 1109 SMOH Current log w/Carb, Mags & Exhaust system. Running good. Removed from 7AC on 09/15/2012 to install C-85. $4,000.     Charles     605-391-6007   email   SD   18-4
For Sale 1946 Champ 2900TTAF 170 SMOH on A-65=8. Metal prop, slick mags, new ign. harness and exhaust. Great compr. all cyl. std Champ colors. Great interior & glass, Scott t/w skis included. Front & rear harnesses, battery, radio, intercom w/headsets. ELT & Garmin 196. A&P owned. Always hangared, all ADs c/w Selling due to health. $27,500
    Ron   989-786-4908   email   231-944-0637   MI   18-4
For Sale 1946 7AC, Lyc. 0235-1C 3480 TTAF, 675.8 tach, 413.3 SMOH. Wings totally rebuilt 2008 (ceconite, polyurethane paint). Fuselage in 1995. Metal prop, starter, alternator, Scott T/W. Navigator compass, Flightline FL-760 radio, intercom, two FlightCom headsets, bracket mount for Garmin 396 (included). New headliner 2012. Rest of int. 6/10, fuselage 8/10. 13 gal. header, 5 gal. tank each wing. Qualifies as LSA. Hangared. $32,000.
    John   989-631-5274, cell 989-859-4342   MI   18-3
Wanted Right aileron for a 7AC Champ.     Matt   907-321-0575   AK   18-3
Wanted Complete set of Blueprints for the 7AC to 7DC or 7BCM conversion w/latest revision of the Aircraft Specifications No. A-759 as per service letter No. 14 or 13 or a lead as to where to acquire them.
    Larry   541-258-5029   email   OR   18-3
Wanted Dip stick for my A-65. The engine is the one with the long fill neck.     Dennis   360-379-8310   WA   18-2
Wanted 11AC lower windshield retainer the goes on top of boot cowl. Aeronca p/n 5-250 left and right.
    Hugh   318-925-2302   email   LA   17-4
For Sale AK450 ELT 4 yrs old with new batteries, $80; 6" Scott tail wheel, full swivel $100.   Ben   845-744-4747 NY   17-3
Wanted Champ LSA with O-200 or 0-235. It doesn't have to be cherry, just mechanically sound.
    Dennis   775-465-9138   NV   17-2
Wanted Cork float gas cap for my 7AC Aeronca Champ.     Leon   701-527-9160   email   ND   16-4
Wanted Chief, 85 HP or above. Prefer C-85-12, but C-85-8, C-90 OK. Does not need to be a showpiece, but needs to be in good condition & Sport Pilot legal.     Robert   email   NY   16-3
For Sale Champ/Chief tailwheel spring clamp fitting 1-5555 NOS $37 includes shipping
also Sport Aviation mid-1950 to 2007 $100 (pick-up only)     Al   309-682-1674   IL   16-1
Wanted Partner for Aeronca 7CCM with C-90 Hangared at Warwick, NY (N72)     Robert   email   NY   16-1
Wanted   Basket case 11AC or 11BC.
    Malcolm   207-549-7124   email   ME   15-4
Wanted Fuel shut-off valve for 7AC, p/n 1-2403, or advice where to get it.   James   909-982-0013   email CA   13-3
Wanted Wing struts for L-3B. Parts Manual lists steel and aluminum; clarification and drawings are appreciated.
Robert   email   NY   10-3

Low and Slow
If your ad is in error or you no longer need it, please notify us immediately. This page (and its printed version in Aeronca Aviator) are for Club Members only.

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