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[Updated April 16, 2015]

This page (and its printed version in Aeronca Aviator) is reserved for Current Club Members only, Ads will run for three issues, but will be extended on request.
To place an ad, email it here, along with your Member ID, typed in the body of the email. Please send only Aeronca-related ads.

                Caution!   Please Read.
This was received by a member: "I saw your advert and I'm interested in buying your xxx Asking at $nn .And I'll be paying you through my client who owes me in your country Get back to me with your full name and contact address, so that I can instruct my client to send the funds(money order) to you. After deducting the cost, can I trust you to send the rest of the amount (i.e the Residue fund) via western union money transfer to my shipper who will take care of the pick up Let me know as soon as possible, so that I can get in touch with my client. Thanks for your co-operation while anticipating your earliest response."
This is a common scam; please do not respond to messages similar to this.
For Sale 11AC Chief Light Sport, A75-8, 50 SOH, Ceconite, all ADs c/w, fresh annual on sale. $20,000.
    Tom     863-633-9117   FL   20-4
Wanted Bendix S4LN-20 magneto, any condition as long as the rotating magnet is round and serviceable. Also right elevator for 7AC.     Bob   239-939-2870   FL   20-4
For Sale 1961 Champion Tri-Traveler 7FC, Good Condition, always hangered, Asking $35,000. 3606.60 TTAF, Lycoming 235-C, 115 hp, 423.40 TSMOH, 1500 pounds, Electric Starter, Alternator, Oil filter, Sensenish 73 metal prop, Equipped for night flight strobe, Intercom, EGT and Cylinder Head temp on all 4, New Cleveland brakes and wheels, STC for auto gas, Garmin 396 w/MX weather, VHF Transceiver AR 4201, King KT 78 Transponder w/ACK A-30 encoder, Annual Sept 2014, Well maintained.     Larry     210-414-1115   email   TX   20-4
For Sale 1946 7AC/7DC Conv. Fuselage needs all wood replaced. Includes logbooks, registration, Data Plate. Also set of Wings (no lift struts) for another champ and do not have wingtip bows, but squared off tips of fiberglass. No damage. Wood spars inspected and no damage found.     Charles     918-457-5965   email   OK   20-4
For Sale Complete McDowell Starter system, recently overhauled & comes with a nose cowl. Currently set up for an A65 but easily changed to a C-85.     Bob     863-299-3135   ON   20-4
For Sale Very nice 1946 11AC Chief. 1900 TTAF, 770 TSMOH (Cont. A65/75 HP). Top Overhaul 2007 at 680 hrs. Restored 1992, fabric is excellent, always hangared. Call for photos. Great flyer with 8-gal aux tank. Fresh annual (Feb, 2015). LSA. Howard, New Mexico. $20,000.
    Howard   505-865-5866, 505-730-2760 (cell)   NM   20-4
For Sale 1971 Bellanca Champ 7ACA complete project signed off and ready for cover. New spars, Poly-Fiber system. paperwork for A-65-8 or C-85. Contact me for pictures,     Jimmy   214-356-6963   TX   20-4
Wanted Engine mount for 1965 Citabria w/0-200 engine.     Ron   509-765-1606   email   WA   20-4
For Sale L-16B (7BCM) recent rebuild, new RFS spars, new poly fiber cover, silver military markings, Don's Dream Machines engine, annual with sale. Sold by Rainbow Flying Service. $39,900.
    Ron   509-765-1606 or 509-750-2327   WA   20-4
For Sale Aeronca 7/11 case frames repaired w/rear & front tube sleeves, new oleo bushings, good or new bolt bushings, good top channel, glass blasted & epoxy primed, repairs will be hidden by using the metal cover rather than fabric - $280 each, $510 per pair, used Aeronca 7/11 axles checked for proper shape, bushings & fittings replaced as needed, blasted & one coat of clean metal primer, no splices- $300 each, overhauled Aeronca 7/11 oleos, all new parts except the bottom forged fitting, these are basically new oleos - $1060/pair. all items are tagged and include 337s when required.
    David   919-365-3063   NC   20-4
For Sale Four used and serviceable Continental 3920 intake valves with fresh grind and inspection at certified shop, $16 for all four.     David   919-365-3063   NC   20-4
For Sale A65 / A75 Cam and crank gear set, yellow tagged from D & S Cam Corp. Make offer.
    David   919-365-3063   NC   20-4
Wanted Adjustable seats for our Champs. The kind that come out of Citabria.     Donald   402-873-7009   email   NE   20-4
For Sale Deluxe Tailwheel Transporter. Blue unit ($268.95 plus shipping on Aircraft Spruce.) As new condition. $175 at Warwick Airport N72.     Robert   631-725-4124   email   NY   20-4
Wanted 7AC or early 7EC instrument panel any condition.     Jimmy   214-356-6963 TX   20-3
Champ on Cloud Nine from the Aeronca Store

For Sale 1946 Chief 11AC LSA 1619 TT 274 SMOH C-65, McDowell Starter. Annual due April 2015. $21,500
    Roger   765-833-2007   IN   20-3
Wanted Post-war Aeronca Chief glove box doors and ash trays.     Mike   618-554-8109 IL   20-3
Wanted Short shaft Lunkenheimer fuel primer in working condition or someone that can rebuild them.
    Leon   701-527-9160 ND   20-3
For Sale Pre-war Chief 65-LB $14,500 1941 Pre-War Chief 65-LB N33756, 2400 TTAF, Lycoming O-145-B2 1250 SMOH compressions better than 75-80 all cyl., flies regularly, hangared, recovered w/ceconite 1990. intercom & handheld radio & mount, original brakes relined w/spare linings, news tires this year.     Seth   434-962-5875   email   VA   20-3
Wanted Fuselage fuel tank for 85 hp 7AC Champ.     Mike   701-389-0189   MN   20-2
For Sale 1942 L-3B in good condition $24,900 or OBO.     John   352-796-4972   email   FL   20-2
For Sale 1948 11BC Aeronca Chief. Total Time AF 2347. Total Time Engine 33.04. Annual Inspection C/W Aug 11, 2014. Sport pilot legal. $22,500.     Louis   570-352-5237   email   PA   20-2
For Sale Complete set of wood ribs for Aeronca Defender, top quality work. $1000 firm.     Louis   570-352-5237   email   PA   20-2
Wanted Complete McDowell Starter Assy: Pull-Handle, cable, pulleys, bracket assy at nose bowl, starter unit & mounting hardware for Original 1946 11AC. Also looking for Yoke wheel center caps both yokes and emblems on instrument panel.     Fred   541-326-6229   OR   20-2
For Sale L & R Exhaust Stacks for A-65. Used about 10 hours, replaced with SS. Right stack lower tube was bent slightly for cowl clearance. Wag-Aero w/aluminized finish. Can send pictures. $200 OBO     Warren   479-359-3863   AR   20-2
For Sale 1946 7DC-Conv. 1150 TTAF, 1174 TTE, 45 TTAE since complete restoration. A very nice, like new, Champ. Photos & Specs.     Rex   440-775-4958   email   OH   20-2
For Sale Fuel dip stick for 13-gal Champ tank > 1/3-gal resolution. Design from Aeronca Aviator 17-2. 1/2" sq. x 12" soft bass wood w/wood burnt markings each gal. Send $10 check or cash, your mailing address. Sam Burke, 613 Aqueduct Way, Solvang, CA 93463, includes shipping in US.     Sam   email   CA   20-2
Wanted High flange Goodyear wheel halves two each P/N 511475 and a single matching brake disc-rotor, or Cleveland DMB wheels and brakes for an Aeronca Chief.     Dan   541-639-2496   OR   20-2
For Sale 7AC Champ $27,500 OBO. 1635 TTAF, 890 SMOH, A-65, New Wood Prop, Compass & Tach w/Drive Cable, Slick Mags, Harness & Plugs, 6-gal Wing Tanks, Wings/Ailerons recovered Ceconite / Randthone, ICW all AD Notes, Annualed June 2014.     Thomas   989-786-4908   MI   20-1
For Sale 1963 Champion 7FC, 2330 TT, 285 SMOH, Garmin Radios, Extensive Restoration Completed 10/05, Very Nice Aircraft. Photos & Specs     Gregory     239-278-3113   FL   19-4
For Sale 1946 7AC Champ, TTE/AF 1635/890SMOH-ENG. 65hp Cont. New Wood Prop, Compass & Tach w/Drive Cable, Slick Mags, Harness & Plugs 6-gal Wing Tanks, Wings/Ailerons recovered Ceconite - final color in Randthane. All ADs c/w. Annual 2/2013 I am only selling this plane due to poor health. I brought it up to date so I am selling it in good conscience $27,500.     Thomas     989-786-4908   MI   19-4
Wanted Dip stick for 13-gallon wing tanks.     Frank     email   CA   19-4
Wanted Full McDowell starter assembly for 7AC project.     Chris     620-218-9315   KS   19-4
Wanted Data plate & paperwork for 7FC.     Bob     863-299-3135   ON   19-4
For Sale Set of 11CC balanced stabilizer &elevators.     Tom     863-633-9117   FL   19-4

Low and Slow
If your ad is in error or you no longer need it, please notify us immediately. This page (and its printed version in Aeronca Aviator) are for Club Members only.

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