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[Updated February 2, 2016]

This page (and its printed version in Aeronca Aviator) is reserved for Current Club Members only, Ads will run for three issues, but will be extended on request.
To place an ad, email it here, along with your Member ID, typed in the body of the email. Please send only Aeronca-related ads.

                Caution!   Please Read.
This was received by a member: "I saw your advert and I'm interested in buying your xxx Asking at $nn .And I'll be paying you through my client who owes me in your country Get back to me with your full name and contact address, so that I can instruct my client to send the funds(money order) to you. After deducting the cost, can I trust you to send the rest of the amount (i.e the Residue fund) via western union money transfer to my shipper who will take care of the pick up Let me know as soon as possible, so that I can get in touch with my client. Thanks for your co-operation while anticipating your earliest response."
This is a common scam; please do not respond to messages similar to this.
For Sale 1946 7AC/CCM. Completely rebuilt 1999-2002, 476 hrs on airframe since rebuild, 46 hrs on C90-12 rebuilt by Bolduc CRS w/new crank w/warranty. Electric start w/battery, no generator. Airframe rebuilt w/all new cover and paint in orig. scheme, new leading edges, struts, firewall, instrument panel, interior, windshield, Cleveland wheels/brakes, wood spars, metal prop, 2 wing tanks for 23 gals total. Always hangared, no damage since rebuild. Logs back to first test flight in 1946. 902 empty, 1,300 gross. Insured for $49,000 asking $43,000.     Richard   218-731-3407   MN   21-4
Wanted Parts necessary for mounting EDO 1320 floats to 11AC Chief. Find them and if I buy, I will pay you $100.00.
    David   503-653-6925   email     WA   21-4
For Sale 1946 7AC, LSA, C-85 (Lasher STC), 501 hrs since 1999 restoration, Poly-Fiber, 26 gal, no-bounce. 285 hrs since 2012 re-restoration, extended dorsal, new glass, lift struts, cables. Fuselage recovered w/Ceconite 102, repainted in yellow/blue epoxy per Airtech procedure. New Slick mags 2014, carb O/H 2015, 3 O/H, 1 new cyl. 2015. 48 hr since O/H. Hangared since 1999. MGTOW 1300, EW 859, UL 440, TTAF 7168, Eng TT 3001, 501 SMOH. See picture pg 2, Apr 2015 issue. $35,000.     Bill   435-259-8675 Cell 978-505-0590   UT   21-4
For Sale 1946 Chief 11AC LSA 1619 TT 274 SMOH A-65, McDowell Starter, Goodyear Brakes/Wheels, Slick Mags, KX99 NavCom, autofuel STC, 2-SoftComm Headsets, FlightCom w/PTT, ELT, NDH, complete logs, always hangared. Annual due May 2016. $19,500 OBO     Roger   765-833-2007   IN   21-3
Wanted Wheel Penetration Tail Ski for Scott 3200 tailwheel.
    Lou   608-345-5578   email     WI   21-3
Wanted Float fittings for 7AC.     Jim   207-356-1396   email     ME   21-3
For Sale 1 set 6.00x6 DMB Cleveland wheels & drum brakes $400. 1 set 5.00x5 Cleveland wheels & disk brakes like new $450. 2 - 5.00x5 Goodyear nose wheels $30. 1 set 6.00x6 Cleveland Disk brakes & wheels $250. Email for pictures.     Gordy   507-259-8018   email     MN   21-3
Wanted Altimeter with Aeronca logo for 7AC.     Ron   636-671-0516   MO   21-3
Wanted Citabria type door latch.     Jim   724-561-4690   SC   21-3
For Sale 1948 Champ 7DC. Excellent restoration 2012. Stewart Systems fabric & paint. No electric system. Empty: 839#, useful: 461#. C-85-8 w/O-200 crankshaft. Main tank 13 gallons, wing tank 5 gallons. TTAF 2254, SMOH 445. Has log books. Photos on request. $43,000. Currently flying so times may change.     Ray   978-992-2808   MA   21-3
For Sale 7GCBC American Champion Citabria - $45,000. Beautifully restored 1969 7GCBC Citabria, completed January 2014. Ceconite w/Randolph Dope finish. Milman metal spars and D-cell leading edges. Countless new parts: wing ribs, flap and aileron bays, boot cowl, firewall, battery, etc. Spring steel landing gear. Fresh top overhaul with Gibson Aero Cylinders. 150hp Lycoming O-320, TTAF: 4,630, SMOHE: 740, STOHE: 35. Check it out Here .     Al   713-429-1875   email   TX   21-3
For Sale 1946 Champ 7AC. Presently without fabric and disassembled in storage. Great project for anyone. Stored in upper New York State.     Jim   615-220-4851   TN   21-2
For Sale 1947 11AC project. Damaged in landing accident nearly 20 years ago; hangared ever since. I bought it from a local, formerly Northwest mechanic, who accomplished several repairs, however he did not complete the project. Email me or call for complete list of repairs that need to be done and 50 pictures. It has a 75 hp Continental engine with a McCauley Kliptip prop. Was going to be my retirement project, but didnít quite work out. $7,500.     Steve   404-934-7713   email   GA   21-2
Wanted Usable propeller for C-85 on 7AC. Wood or metal.     Tom   513-464-6655   email   OH   21-2
For Sale 1946 7AC/BCM Project, C-85 less than 250 SMOH. $20,000.
7AC/Conv. (large tail), C-85, 250 hours. Fuselage covered and painted yellow Polytene. Skytec starter, battery, seaplane door all with 337 approval. $25,000. Both airframes ground up restored. All parts required to finish the projects available. Both engines Don's Dream Machines overhaul. All logs current and available.
Also: EDO 1320 floats. Two sets w/Taylorcraft or Champ rigging. Set 1 is in good, serviceable condition. $4,000. Set 2 is overhauled, very good condition. $6,500.     Hal   208-520-5042   ID   21-2
Champ on Cloud Nine from the Aeronca Store

Wanted Rudder (yellow preferred) for 1946 Chief     Bill   912-222-0585   email   GA   21-2
For Sale 58 7FC conv. to 7EC. All the good things of a Tri-Champ minus the nose gear. C-90, metal prop, new exh. w/SS heat shrouds, 26 gal. wing fuel, single fuel selector, STC Auto Gas. Cleve. caliper brakes w/new organic linings. New 1/2" master cyl. Resealed & serviced L.G. struts, 3 new tires/tubes. lights, strobe, comm, mode-C, intercom; ELT, Champ yellow / orange, Stits cover, Fresh annual. Not a queen but plenty of airworthy hours left.
    Robert   619-276-4901   CA   21-1
For Sale ICOM A20 Aviation Handheld in excellent condition and comes with battery pack, wall charger and cigarette lighter charger. It also can be supplied w/lightweight single earpiece similar to what you would use in a car for a cell phone, but with an inline PTT switch. Perfect for the low noise environment in a sailplane. Also, Aviation Heatset adapter to use DC or other full size aviation headsets w/PTT inline. Radio has a built in VFO receiver & indicator. Comes w/box, manual, rubber ducky and belt clip. Make reasonable offer for the radio or for the radio and one of the two headsets.     Robert   631-725-4124   email   NY   21-1
Wanted Flange shaft ratchet wheel for McDowell starter. Buy or trade for a tapered shaft ratchet wheel.
    Colie     email   GA   21-1
Wanted Working impulse coupler for Eismann (suitcase) mag that is currently on the engine of my 1941 Chief powered by a 0-145B2 Lycoming engine. If a coupler is not available, I would consider a complete mag that has an impulse coupler on it.     Rod     310-488-3563   email   CA   21-1
Wanted Urgently need complete door latch assembly for 7AC Champ. OEM part #2-855 handle assembly and part #1-2594 Latch assembly.     Larry     541-258-5029   email   OR   21-1
Wanted Champ w/C-85 w/O-200 conversion & two wing tanks. Would like metal spars or replaced wood spars within the last 20 years. Electric optional. Low to mid time engine SMOH preferred.     Carl     740-439-4988 (H) or 740-391-0295 (C)   OH   21-1
For Sale 11AC Chief Light Sport, A75-8, 50 SOH, Ceconite, all ADs c/w, fresh annual on sale. $20,000.
    Tom     863-633-9117   FL   20-4
Wanted Bendix S4LN-20 magneto, any condition as long as the rotating magnet is round and serviceable. Also right elevator for 7AC.     Bob   239-939-2870   FL   20-4
For Sale 1961 Champion Tri-Traveler 7FC, Good Condition, always hangered, Asking $35,000. 3606.60 TTAF, Lycoming 235-C, 115 hp, 423.40 TSMOH, 1500 pounds, Electric Starter, Alternator, Oil filter, Sensenich 73Ē metal prop, Equipped for night flight, strobe, Intercom, EGT and Cylinder Head temp on all 4, New Cleveland brakes and wheels, STC for auto gas, Garmin 396 w/MX weather, VHF Transceiver AR 4201, King KT 78 Transponder w/ACK A-30 encoder, Annual Sept 2014, Well maintained.     Larry     210-414-1115   email   TX   20-4
Wanted Engine mount for 1965 Citabria w/0-200 engine.     Ron   509-765-1606   email   WA   20-4
For Sale L-16B (7BCM) recent rebuild, new RFS spars, new poly fiber cover, silver military markings, Don's Dream Machines engine, annual with sale. Sold by Rainbow Flying Service. $39,900.
    Ron   509-765-1606 or 509-750-2327   WA   20-4
For Sale Aeronca 7/11 case frames repaired w/rear & front tube sleeves, new oleo bushings, good or new bolt bushings, good top channel, glass blasted & epoxy primed, repairs will be hidden by using the metal cover rather than fabric - $280 each, $510 per pair, used Aeronca 7/11 axles checked for proper shape, bushings & fittings replaced as needed, blasted & one coat of clean metal primer, no splices- $300 each, overhauled Aeronca 7/11 oleos, all new parts except the bottom forged fitting, these are basically new oleos - $1060/pair. all items are tagged and include 337s when required.
    David   919-365-3063   NC   20-4
For Sale Four used and serviceable Continental 3920 intake valves with fresh grind and inspection at certified shop, $16 for all four.     David   919-365-3063   NC   20-4
For Sale A65 / A75 Cam and crank gear set, yellow tagged from D & S Cam Corp. Make offer.
    David   919-365-3063   NC   20-4
Wanted Adjustable seats for our Champs. The kind that come out of Citabria.     Donald   402-873-7009   email   NE   20-4

Low and Slow
If your ad is in error or you no longer need it, please notify us immediately. This page (and its printed version in Aeronca Aviator) are for Club Members only.

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