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[Updated December 15, 2019]

This page (and its printed version in Aeronca Aviator) is reserved for Current Club Members only, Ads will run for three issues, but will be extended on request.
To place an ad (text in body only), email it here along with your Member ID, typed in the body of the email. Ads/corrections received without Member ID will be delayed. Please send only Aeronca-related ads.

                Caution!   Please Read.
This was received by a member: "I saw your advert and I'm interested in buying your xxx Asking at $nn .And I'll be paying you through my client who owes me in your country Get back to me with your full name and contact address, so that I can instruct my client to send the funds(money order) to you. After deducting the cost, can I trust you to send the rest of the amount (i.e the Residue fund) via western union money transfer to my shipper who will take care of the pick up Let me know as soon as possible, so that I can get in touch with my client. Thanks for your co-operation while anticipating your earliest response."
This is a common scam; please do not respond to messages similar to this.
For Sale 1946 Champ 7AC, Cont A-75-8, 200 SMOH, wood prop 200 SN, total restoration 1991, always hangared, new spars right wing 2017, fresh annual 11/19, ADM battery runs wingtip strobes/nav lights. pics available, $29,000.     Dennis   214-676-6039   TX   25-3
For Sale 1937 Aeronca K ‘Scout’. Recent o/h E113-B conv. to E-113C w/ground run-time only. New Fahlin prop. All working orig. instruments. Log books reconstructed in 1955 and last flown in 1956. Has a/w certificate and operating limitations. Excellent wheels, brakes, tires. N17798, s/n #K-64. Recovered in 1970 with cotton and dope and has to be recovered to be airworthy. Great sheet metal. New windscreen. Left and right doors. Extra landing gear. Many engine parts, incl. cases, rods, pistons, cylinders, crankshafts, hard to find CBD parts. Asking $22,000.     Paul   715-554-3858   email   WI   25-3
Wanted Two 7AC axles and factory template for center attach point plus assorted mounting hardware. $500 for all.     Jim   724-561-4690   email   SC   25-3
Wanted Champ, Would like electric system, starter, basic VFR instruments. Low time C-85 a plus. Com radio. Must be light sport.     Dennis   831-345-3788   CA   25-3
For Sale ˝ Share in 1946 Aeronca 7AC Conversion, N83981; 2830 TTAF; 132 SMOH of 85 HP Continental by Don's Dream Machines; 5 Gallon RH Wing Tank (18 Gallons Total); Maule Tundra Tail Wheel; Good Fabric; Based at KMGJ in Hudson Vallley; Extras; Easy Terms to Buy In.     Howard   914-474-5226   NY   25-3
For Sale Looking for parts to complete my 65-CA project, need everything, very incomplete.
    John   570-561-6030   FL   25-3
For Sale Complete ‘46 Chief project to parts out - both wings ready to cover, all control surfaces and fuselage ready to cover, and a 65 hp with fairly low time and a prop, etc.     Bill   609-517-0936   NJ   25-3
Wanted Champ prop (for Don’s 85hp / 90hp Dream engine); and a nose bowl.     Bill   609-517-0936   NJ   25-3
For Sale Federal skis, ATC 3 82, Prod. #40, Ident-A 1500, 750 tps, Date mfd. 12-51, serial #148 Comes with a pair of wheel dollies that fit onto each ski to get plane out of hangar and brake band locks $500.   David   419-410-3045 or 419-410-7617   OH 25-3
For Sale 7AC Project $7,000. Complete Airframe, landing gear, wings, new spars, tail feathers, seats, no door. Lots of parts available.   David   209-728-2833   email   CA 25-3
Wanted Hardware suitable for putting an Aeronca 7FC Champ on floats. If you have advice regarding this project, I'd love to hear from you too.   Herb   415.771.2555   email   CA 25-3
For Sale 1945 Champ 7AC fully restored in the mid 90s, new wing spars wood Sensenich prop, 5-gal wing tanks, header tank. Always hangared flown regularly, new Scott t/w. 2414 TT,145 SMOH on A-75.complete logs. asking $28,000. Will send pictures.   John   860-671-9917   email   CT 25-2
For Trade 1946 Champ light sport, 85 hp conti 345 hrss, new ceconite and paint, citabria wing tips, no bounce gear, Scott 3200 t/w, metal prop, trade for 1946 or 1947 11AC chief in flying condition, ready to ferry     Al   434-585-2728 or text 434-471- 1381   VA   25-2
For Sale 11AC Chief, LSA, 85hp conv, w/elec. systm includng starter, lights, radio, transpndr & ADS-B; Cleveland whls, pants, toe brakes, & aux fuel tank; 3010 A/F hrs; 11 hrs C-85-12; asking $45,000.
  Bob   703-759-2950   VA 25-2
For Sale L-16 bare fuselage frame. Blasted and primed. Needs minor tube repair. Nice straight frame, $2,200. Three R/H and two L/H 7AC wings without fabric. Some hangar rash, good rebuildable cores, $1,200 each or all five for $5,000. Hand held radio with intercom and two headsets, $250 OBO.
  Mike   334-790-2728 evenings   email   AL 25-2
For Sale 1950 Champ 7EC. 2280 TTAE, 80 TSOH. All ADs complied with. Asking $23,000. Picture
  JBrad   605-415-6987   SD   25-2
For Sale 1949 Champ 7CCM, C-85, 1050 SMOH, New Wings, New Push-Button Starter, New Alternator and New Disc Brakes. iCom Transceiver, Trig Mode-S Transponder. New Airspeed Indicator. Excellent aircraft. A&P Maintained. All logs. $39,000. Pictures available.
  John   832-858-1122   email   TX   25-2
For Sale uAvionix PingBuddy ADSB-In. Brings weather and traffic to your WiFi enabled GPS; Works quite well and weighs only 1.2 oz. including cable. $175. Picture
  Robert   518-731-6800   email   NY   25-2
For Sale 1948 Sedan project s/n 126, 1,671 TTAF. $12,000. Complete stock barn find; last annual 7/1979
  Tom   804-432-2199   email   VA   25-2
Wanted Looking for a nice door for a Champ 7AC.   Paul   267-446-8157   NJ   25-2
Wanted Door key for 7AC/7DC - also- Wing Tank Gas Cap for 7DC     Edward   540-494-3058   email   VA   25-1
For Sale Whelen wingtip strobe kit (removed from my Citabria). Includes Whelen HDACF power supply, Whelen A-610 wingtip strobe lights, Grimes nav lights, valued at over $1,000; offered for $400.
  Robert   518-731-3131   email   NY   25-1
For Sale 1941 S65-CA Super Chief N33737; Data plate & A/W certificate w/fuselage; frame needs sanding & painting. Wings: all parts for both wings, 1 wing in original condition for pattern; other wing torn down, all metal cleaned & painted, spars varnished; wings come with wing jig; 10 new ribs fabricated; all wood included for remainder of the ribs. All tail feathers covered with Polyfiber & primed 4 original aluminum lift struts, Jury struts,primed. Engine mount for A-65 / A-75. Landing gear primed & painted. 2 ailerons. Nose bowl for pattern, rough. Seat frame & seats. Door frame. Firewall, Baffles, fuel tank Control wheels & entire control mechanism. Rudder pedals & shaft, primed. Rudder horn. $2,000 for all or will part out.
  Larry   607-228-0927   email   NY   25-1
For Sale 1940 65-C. Needs complete restoration, has two sets of wings with a new spar, several new ribs, two 65 cont. engines, one is complete and not disassembled, the other one is ready for reassembly, new O/H cyl with new pistons and rings, all balanced inc. crank, both tapered shaft, one metal prop, some O/H instruments, but all are there, was on active duty during WWII. Have copy of paperwork from FAA. Some covering supplies (poly-fiber). No logs. Asking $8,500.   Beverly   208-365-27950   email   ID   25-1
Champ on Cloud Nine from the Aeronca Store

For Sale 1946 7AC/BCM Conversion Champ. 2800 TTSN, 50 Hrs TTS Rebuild. Aluminum Millman Spars. New Prop, New 0 time engine, extra 5 gallon wing tank, New landing gear. No Electrics, New ELT. Always Hangared, Fresh annual. Pictures and log book info available by request. $35,000.00 CAD   Tom   250-342-0740   email   BC   25-1
For Sale 1946 7DC conv. O-200; well maintained & hangared since 2005 at 7S5; no damage history; R & L wing tanks; Scott tw; Garmin radio/mm GPS; xponder; metal prop.; oil filter; fresh annual; Not a beauty queen but a “sweet”, stable flyer LSA 20K.   Paul   email   OR   24-4
For Sale 1946 11AC Chief s/n 1067 $15,000 Light Sport Qualified. C-65, 2982 TTAE, 1449 SMOH. Two new cylinders, good compression. Two 5 gallon wing tanks and main header tank (total 22 gallons). STC for mogas. Hand Held GPS, Radio, Intercom. Tailwheel tow-bar. All ADs complied with. Hangared.   Jonathan   585-261-6414   email   NY   24-4
For Sale 1957 Champion 7FC Tri-Champ converted to 7EC taildragger, s/n 7FC-44 3875 TT 947 since total restoration in 1995 and has been hangared ever since. C90-12F, 947 SMOH. Sensenich metal prop. Electrical system, 26 gal fuel, VFR panel no gyro instruments. Wide rear seat. Terra digital comm w/intercom; Terra digital transponder w/mode C. Asking $24,900; make offer.   Jim   661-333-3776   email   CA   24-4
Wanted 65-TC/TAC, mods OK.     John   336-971-9341   NC   24-4
Wanted Right lift strut, right aileron, wheel w/brakes & bearings for 1943 L-3 Defender.     James   315-353-2169   email   NY   24-4
For Sale Champ 7AC Serial #7AC-758 N82132 A65-8 Cont. Aircraft needs complete restoration (Basket case). Have most of the parts. $2,500. Call Silver Ace Aircraft Restoration LLC     816-370-2441   MO   24-4
Wanted Two door latches for 11AC Chief.     John   715-630-3775   WI   24-4
For Sale 4 lift struts from 7AC. Will need sandblasting but not damaged.     John   561-499-1115   email   FL   24-4
Wanted Bendix magnetos s4rn-20 and s4rn-21 for A65 engine.     John   561-499-1115   email   FL   24-4
Wanted Continental 85 hp for the Pancake STC on my 47 Champ. Will be selling my 250 hour A65 with new millenium cyls.     John   561-499-1115   email   FL   24-4
For Sale Brass Cup and Brass Original Cup Cap for an Aeronca Chief Control yoke. $125.     Robert   631-725-4124   email   NY   24-4
Wanted Snow skis to fit a 1947 Chief.     Kirk   906-281-4975   MI   24-3
Wanted Sensenich wood prop for Champ 7DC with Continental 85.     Edward   540-494-3058   email   VA   24-3
For Sale 1949 Sedan 15AC N1329H located in Virginia, $25,000. 5,173 AFTT, 1,497 ETT, 1,127 TSMO. Compressions: 77,76,76,77,78,76. Spars have caps installed and chromated; no corrosion found. Sale will include a new annual inspection. , the following work has been performed: Overhauled Bendix mags, carburetor, brakes/wheels, exhaust rebuilt, cylinder base seals replaced, intake hoses and clamps replaced, new rocker arm cover gaskets, new tack drive seal and gasket replaced, new landing gear bungies installed, all scat hoses replaced firewall forward, replaced push/pull mixture control with vernier control, new main tires and battery installed within the last 50 hours. Interior is good, headliner should be replaced. Transponder mode C, intercom and radio check good, but wiring could be replaced for optimum operation. Inside/outside are 6/10. Does need some cosmetic work a few places, where the dope is pulling away from the fabric. Polished wheel pants in excellent condition. Left front seat is adjustable and toe brakes installed only on that side as well.     Rick   contact Gene Hershey in VA 804-366-2033   24-3
Wanted Looking to purchase a Chief dash badge.     Andy   903-258-6415   TX   24-3
For Sale 7AC Champ, Cont. A-65-8: 5104 TT, 844 SMOH, new spars 1982, set up to accept C-85, C-90 or O-200. Annual April 2019. Hangared Morrilton (BDQ) $21,000. Bob   501-450-0252   AR   24-3
Wanted Lycoming 0-235 engine mount for Champ 7AC.     Tom   209-662-0884   CA   24-1
For Sale 1961 Champion Tri-Traveler 7FC $29,000, Good Condition - Always Hangared. 3607 TTAF, Lycoming 235C - 115 hp 423 TSMOH, Electric Starter, Alternator, Oil filter, Sensenich 73" metal prop, strobe, Intercom, 4-cyl EGT/CHT , New Cleveland brakes/wheels, STC for auto gas, AR 4201 VHF, King KT 78 Transponder/ACK A-30 encoder, Garmin 396, Annual Dec 2017.     Larry   210-414-1115   email   TX   23-4
For Sale Super Chief 65-CA, 65hp, recovered (in silver) all instruments, registration current.    
Dave   860-908-8418   email   CT   23-4
For Sale Federal Skis cna 82 SCI Static 700 Mfg 11/1940. Used on Champ, Cub, Taylorcraft, etc.     Bill   918-457-4758   email   OK   23-3
For Sale 1941 65-CA Super Chief. Ground up restoration completed 2015. Light Sport compliant. Flawless, Log Books. Absolute show quality. $23,000.   Gary   567-259-8901   email   OH   23-2
For Sale Used set of Y pipes. Good Condition, No Cracks. $200 for both. Pictures available.
  Richard   330-518-7907   OH   23-1
For Sale New Champ Rudder, Univair, Covered and Painted Yellow with Stits Process. $550
  Howard   815-341-9837   email   IL   23-1
For Sale 7AC right wing, new leading edge, wood spar, and 5-gallon wing tank modification. The wing is uncovered, but primed and ready to cover. Aileron and other control parts are available. Asking $3,500 but negotiable.
    Bert   903-739-3099   email   TX   22-4
Wanted Looking for Left Aileron for 7AC champ. Good condition, no damage.       email   NY   22-4
Wanted Prop- Sensenich or McCauley for 65 HP Conti. 11AC-B-S Chief; 11AC-B-S lift struts for 1946-47 Chief Scout.     Ron   705-499-0251   email   ON   22-4
For Sale Gas tank for Chief Scout 11AC-B-S 1940-1947. Good condition, with fuel gauge. $300.
    Ron   705-499-0251   email   ON   22-4
For Sale Aeronca Parts: Stromberg Carbs (not yellow tagged), Eisman Mag Parts, Bendix Mags, Rt. Wing Fairings, Tail Spring, Window Frames& Fairings. Also 2 wing rotators $300; rebuilt starter for Lycoming O-290 to O-320 $100.     Al   434-585-2728   VA   22-1
Wanted One or possibly two partners to purchase an LSA eligible Chief or possibly Champ to be based at Williston, FL (X60). Please contact Donato Martino at DonatoM@mail.com . Must be willing and able to hand prop.     Donato   352-339-5510   email   FL   22-1
For Sale 1947 Super Chief N3900E, 11BC-3. All the paper work from the factory test flight to date are complete. 2725 TTAF, 90 hp Cont. 460 SMOH. All electric. Handheld Icom w/outside antenna, Transponder. CHT. This is the 2nd Super Chief sold to the public of only 181 built. Clean airplane flies true as an arrow. 2004 covered w/Stits and 90 hp Conti. installed. Painted with a special fabric paint to factory colors & design. Always hangared. Hydraulic brakes, baffles, starter, generater, battery, carburetor etc. have been overhauled or replaced within the last 18 months. $26,000 o.b.o w/fresh annual. Sport Pilot ready. Picture     Bill   608-963-2499   WI   21-4
Wanted Parts necessary for mounting EDO 1320 floats to 11AC Chief. Find them and if I buy, I will pay you $100.00.     David   503-653-6925   email     WA   21-4

Low and Slow
If your ad is in error or you no longer need it, please notify us immediately. This page (and its printed version in Aeronca Aviator) are for Club Members only.

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