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SunShield for the Champ... and L-16...
        and Citabria, Scout, Decathlon too!

SunShield from Cockpit
The big window that gives us the best view out front since the open cockpit biplane also makes it difficult to see into the sun. "I remember an especially "interesting" landing one clear summer afternoon on a narrow Runway 30 and almost losing it. Tried the stick-on film, but it wouldn't stay on long. Even when it did, I had to move it every 5-10 degrees in change of flight direction."

The large, tinted Plexiglas SunShield is designed specifically for the 7- and 8-series Champion line to combat the sun, improve safety, vision and comfort. It fits all models from the Aeronca 7AC to the American Champion Decathlon and Scout frames. Although it is very secure, you might want to pop it out for aerobatics - "I have flown with it through some pretty nasty turbulence with no problems."

The SunShield has a normal position which shades and protects your eyes and gives you better contrast in cloudy and low-visibility conditions; in addition, the low-sun position is a simple in-flight adjustment that lowers the unit to cover more of the lower portion of the windscreen for early- and late-day flying into the sun.

(Above) Note the difference in cloud definition (contrast)
between regular windscreen and SunScreen areas.
This picture was taken on a MVFR day.

SunShield from Outside Airplane

(Left) Note the unobtrusive location in spite of its relatively large size.

The SunShield clamps on with no tools or paperwork required. Since it is not permanently attached to the airplane, no FAA approval needed. Just pop it in or pop it out!

$109.95 (Non-Member Price is $129.95)

Shipping and Insurance of $23 (U.S.) or $38 (Canada) will be added to order;
Other Countries - Shipping charges will be at cost. Please specify desired method in Comments.

New York State residents only: The appropriate sales tax will be added.

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