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[Updated April 24, 2017]

This page (and its printed version in Aeronca Aviator) is reserved for Current Club Members only, Ads will run for three issues, but will be extended on request.
To place an ad, email it here, along with your Member ID, typed in the body of the email. Please send only Aeronca-related ads.

                Caution!   Please Read.
This was received by a member: "I saw your advert and I'm interested in buying your xxx Asking at $nn .And I'll be paying you through my client who owes me in your country Get back to me with your full name and contact address, so that I can instruct my client to send the funds(money order) to you. After deducting the cost, can I trust you to send the rest of the amount (i.e the Residue fund) via western union money transfer to my shipper who will take care of the pick up Let me know as soon as possible, so that I can get in touch with my client. Thanks for your co-operation while anticipating your earliest response."
This is a common scam; please do not respond to messages similar to this.
For Sale Super Chief 65-CA restoration project: all new canvas, in silver, have all parts - plus on gear.
    Dave   860-267-0836 (eves), 860 908-8418 cell   email   CT   22-4
Wanted Aeronca Chief panel emblems.     Eric   678-520-7337   email   GA   22-4
For Sale 7AC right wing, new leading edge, wood spar, and 5-gallon wing tank modification. The wing is uncovered, but primed and ready to cover. Aileron and other control parts are available. Asking $3,500 but negotiable.
    Bert   903-739-3099   email   TX   22-4
For Sale 7AC good condition, mid-time engine $18,500, or sell with spare engine $22,500.
    Greg   503-302-7828   email   OR   22-4
Wanted 1400-1500 series floats, Edo, Baumann, or PK. Prefer Champ rigging, ewith fuselage attach fittings, but will buy just the floats if that's what you have. Buying attach fittings separate. Also looking for dorsal/ventral fins for S7CCM/others.     Jeff   208-635 0805   email   ID   22-4
Wanted Looking for Left Aileron for 7AC champ. Good condition, no damage.     Eric   email   NY   22-4
Wanted Prop- Sensenich or McCauley for 65 HP Conti. 11AC-B-S Chief; 11AC-B-S lift struts for 1946-47 Chief Scout.     Ron   705-499-0251   email   ON   22-4
For Sale Gas tank for Chief Scout 11AC-B-S 1940-1947. Good condition, with fuel gauge. $300.
    Ron   705-499-0251   email   ON   22-4
For Sale or Trade Very rare Champion 402 Lancer. N9956Y, S/N 14. Only 1204 ACTT, 15 TSMOH left / right engines & props. Aircraft is complete, hangared. Fabric, paint, interior, glass, tires, engines and props all in very good condition. Last annual in 2000, but engines have been run up every year or so. Just needs a little TLC. Ferriable or annual and fly it home. Priced to sell at $40,000 OBO. Will consider trade for smaller airplane (Champ, or similar), diesel pickup, King Ranch etc. of equal value. Can email photos.     Jake   817-709-8663   TX   27-2
Wanted Cabin heat box and control for 1946 7AC Champ.     Pete   503-710-4618   email   OR   22-4
For Sale 1943 L-3C project complete.     Russ   518-828-3735   NY   22-4
Wanted 4-quart oil sump for A-65/75/85 with long neck.     Frank   401-440-2243   email   RI   22-3
Wanted Chief 11AC wheel pants (mine is a 1946.) Yellow preferred.     Eric   678-520-7337   email   GA   22-3
For Sale Very rare 1938 Aeronca Chief S65C built Dec 22, 1938, originally as S50C. One of the first Chiefs built with the larger 50" chord wing, wider fuselage, seaplane fittings and 6.5 aux fuel tank. New tires, tubes, wheel pants, brakes, cruise prop and factory refurbished climb prop with each having a hub. 811 TT, 208 SMOH, sold with new annual. NC22122 has a detailed history and it is a very nice antique. Asking $19,500.     Bill   772-766-9953 or 772-766-4225   FL   22-3
For Sale A-65 parts. Yellow tag Divco case, ASI cam and crank. lifters, rods and more.
Also Flightline 760 radio. Operates for many hours on home alarm battery, built-in intercom, prewired harness & instructions, easy install, looks like new, money back if not satisfied and returned in same condition. $525 plus shipping     Andy   256-234-1650   email   AL   22-3
For Sale Complete Grimes light system for 7EC or 7FC, incl. 1-264 bracket & Aeronca-designed battery box. New Sensenich 5-ply wood prop 72CK42 w/Aeronca Sensenich Decals. A-65 engine.
Also: Excellent 7AC project.
Also: 2 sets Sitka Spruce spars.
A-65-8, 0 time.     Richard   603-276-0525   NH   22-3
Wanted Goodyear brake disc clips and dot fasteners. Univair catalogue says no longer available. If anyone has a source, I need three, but will buy more for spares. I guess spring steel wears out after 70 years.
    Jim   email   IL   22-2
Wanted I was wondering if anyone could provide the length of the strut assemblies for an 11AC on EDO 1320s.
    Kurt   email   CO   22-2
For Sale 1945 Champ 7AC, 2154 TTAF, Good fabric, Metal prop 676 SN, wing tank, front shoulder harness,intercom w/2 headsets. A-75-8 10 SOH. Can be converted back to 65 hp by changing back to included pistons. Spent $12,000 on repairs in 2010. Winter covers included. Painted as L-16A. $18,500. Certified in Canada. Located on border east of Ogdensburg, NY. Main wheel skis also available.Also have the original certified A-65-8 1038 SOH. $3,000.
    Randy   613-880-7257   ON   22-2
Champ on Cloud Nine from the Aeronca Store

Wanted LSA Champ for immediate purchase. Prefer nice/recent restoration with high HP engine (85+HP). Please call with pics and info.     Jack   email   303-356-7767   CO   22-2
For Sale 1947 Super Chief Floatplane $35,000. LSA. C-85, 1395 SMOH. All ADs. Annual with sale. On Edo 1400 floats. Wheels included but not installed. Tow brakes. Banner tow equipment. Aircraft restored in 2007 w/new interior, new Ceconite 101 fabric painted with Randolph butyrate dope. Complete logbooks.
    James   410-991-4446 (David) or 410-353-5421 (Jim )   MD   22-1
For Sale Aeronca Parts: Fuel Control Rods, Stromberg Carbs (not yellow tagged), Eisman Mag Parts, Bendix Mags, Rt. Wing Fairings, Scott 3000 t/w, Tail Spring, Window Frames& Fairings. Also 2 wing rotators $300; rebuilt starter for Lycoming O-290 to O-320 $100; Aeronca faced altimeter airspeed $50 ea.; top and windshield mounted compass $50 ea.; Aeronca carb heat/air box $50.     Al   434-585-2728   VA   22-1
For Sale     - 4 - 90 HP Complete Cylinder Assemblies Good compression when removed Asking: $500.
    - 100 HP Continental Motor Complete as removed from C-152. No damage and running. Asking $5,600.
    - Aeronca 7FC Absolute Show Aircraft Call for particulars.     Lewis   352-408-3805   FL   22-1
Wanted One or possibly two partners to purchase an LSA eligible Chief or possibly Champ to be based at Williston, FL (X60). Please contact Donato Martino at DonatoM@mail.com . Must be willing and able to hand prop.     Donato   352-339-5510   email   FL   22-1
Wanted Outer wheel for Cleveland Wheel & Brake assembly for 1946 Champ 7AC.     Marshall   717-641-4163   PA   22-1
For Sale 1946 Chief 11BC-conv. LSA. 3177 TT. Converted to 11BC in 2012 by Bill Pancake. C-85-12F 40 SMOH by Don Swords in 2012. Sky-Tec starter. McCauley metal prop 71x48. ICOM IC-A24 radio. External antenna. Flight Tech intercom ITC-401. David Clark headset. Honeywell AV8OR GPS. Hooker Shoulder harness, belts. Hangared. $30,000.
    John   843-991-1349   email   NC   22-1
For Sale 7AC Champ $25,900. A65/A75 210 SMOH, ground-up restoration in 2009, wing tanks, metal Sensenich prop, Dessler classic tires, wheel pants, new ELT, Micro VGs, new API tailwheel.     Jack   325-320-5951   TX   21-4
For Sale 1947 Super Chief N3900E, 11BC-3. All the paper work from the factory test flight to date are complete. Airframe 2721 TTAF, 90 hp Cont. 454 SMOH. All electric. Handheld Icom w/outside antenna, Transponder. CHT. This is the 2nd Super Chief sold to the public of only 181 built. Clean airplane flies true as an arrow. 2004 covered w/Stits and 90 hp Conti. installed. Painted with a special fabric psint to factory colors & design. Always hangared. Hydraulic brakes, all the baffles, starter, generater, battery, carburetor etc. have been overhauled or replaced within the last 18 months. $30,000 w/fresh annual. Sport Pilot. Picture     Bill   608-963-2499   WI   21-4
For Sale 1972 Bellanca Champ 7ACA, This plane appeared on the rear cover photo in Jan 2016. 780 TTSN. Franklin 2A-120-A two cyl. 60hp. 889 TTSN, 159 STOH. Annual current thru Nov. 2016, all ADí current. I have owned 10983 since 1999 and am the third owner. Excellent cond. 9 in and out. Hangered since ground up restoration in 1992/3 and very stock, with some nice upgrades. Full electrical system incl. start, following original factory specs. All 337s, paperwork, all logs back to factory. Spare original engine incl. w/621 hrs. plus original engine log. Also new in the box set of slick two cyl. mags and harness. Engine upgrades include Denso light weight alternator, plus new Sky Tech starter. Airplane upgrades include a single pt. strobe, VGs, hard wired PTT with built in Sigtronics 2-pl intercom, exterior mounted antenna for hard wired hand held (included), plus in-panel aux. power (Cigarette Lighter adapter). Recently installed new Aero Classic tires. Recently refurbished like new Sensenich wood prop. No hand propping, Light Sport, 3.5 gph. $28,500.       914-213-1878   email   NY   21-4
Wanted Parts necessary for mounting EDO 1320 floats to 11AC Chief. Find them and if I buy, I will pay you $100.00.     David   503-653-6925   email     WA   21-4
For Sale 1946 Chief 11AC LSA 1619 TT 274 SMOH A-65, McDowell Starter, Goodyear Brakes/Wheels, Slick Mags, KX99 NavCom, autofuel STC, 2-SoftComm Headsets, FlightCom w/PTT, ELT, NDH, complete logs, always hangared. Annual due May 2017. $19,500 OBO     Roger   765-833-2007   IN   21-3
Wanted Wheel Penetration Tail Ski for Scott 3200 tailwheel.     Lou   608-345-5578   email     WI   21-3
Wanted Altimeter with Aeronca logo for 7AC.     Ron   636-671-0516   MO   21-3
For Sale ICOM A20 Aviation Handheld in excellent condition and comes with battery pack, wall charger and cigarette lighter charger. It also can be supplied w/lightweight single earpiece similar to what you would use in a car for a cell phone, but with an inline PTT switch. Perfect for the low noise environment in a sailplane. Also, Aviation Headset adapter to use DC or other full size aviation headsets w/PTT inline. Radio has a built in VFO receiver & indicator. Comes w/box, manual, rubber ducky and belt clip. Make reasonable offer for the radio or for the radio and one of the two headsets.     Robert   631-725-4124   email   NY   21-1
Wanted Flange shaft ratchet wheel for McDowell starter. Buy or trade for a tapered shaft ratchet wheel.
    Colie     email   GA   21-1
Wanted Working impulse coupler for Eismann (suitcase) mag that is currently on the engine of my 1941 Chief powered by a 0-145B2 Lycoming engine. If a coupler is not available, I would consider a complete mag that has an impulse coupler on it.     Rod     310-488-3563   email   CA   21-1
Wanted Urgently need complete door latch assembly for 7AC Champ. OEM part #2-855 handle assembly and part #1-2594 Latch assembly.     Larry     541-258-5029   email   OR   21-1

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If your ad is in error or you no longer need it, please notify us immediately. This page (and its printed version in Aeronca Aviator) are for Club Members only.

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