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      T-Shirts (Pure White unless indicated) Member Non-
Quantity Youth Sizes
A-304     Pocket Tee - AAC Logo on Front and Back 17.95 19.95 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
A-311     "Champ on Cloud Nine" 15.95 18.95 o/s o/s o/s
A-317     Long-Sleeve "Champ on Cloud Nine" [Natural] 19.95 22.95 o/s o/s o/s n/a n/a n/a
A-322     "Aeronca Chiefs in Formation"   AAC Logo Outline on Front 15.95 18.95 o/s o/s
o/s = Temporarily out of stock         * $2 added for XXL, $3 for 3XL      

  Miscellaneous Items Member Non-
A-511 *   Lapel Pin - Club Logo 6.95 9.95
A-513 *   Lapel Pin - Champ 8.95 11.95
A-814 *   Champ Decals (set of 2) 17.95 21.95
A-815 *   Chief Decals (set of 2) 15.95 19.95
        * If you are ordering only Lapel Pins and/or Decals, shipping will be adjusted down to $2.50 (any quantity); ignore shipping charges on confirmation.
MI-970   SunShield   (Shipping Will be Added) 109.95 129.95
A-501C   Club Logo Hat [Charcoal] 15.95 18.95 o/s
A-501R   Club Logo Hat [Red] 15.95 18.95
A-501S   Club Logo Hat [Stone] 15.95 18.95
A-501N   Club Logo Hat [Navy] 15.95 18.95
A-501K   Club Logo Hat [Khaki] 15.95 18.95
A-439   Aeronca Grasshopper Ad [Poster] 19.95 22.95
A-434   The "Champion" [Poster] 19.95 22.95
A-437   The Aeronca Sedan [Poster] 19.95 22.95

  From Our Library Member Non-
A-418   Complete Guide to Aeroncas, Citabrias & Decathlons
34.95 39.95 n/a
A-419   Flying the Aeronca 22.95 29.95
A-617   Champ Conv. to Grove Hydraulic Brakes 19.95 29.95
A-601   Inspection Checklist by Roy Johnsen 8.95 12.95
A-605   Aeronca Service Letter Collection 24.95 34.95
A-691   7AC Champ Operator, Parts & Svc Manual 19.95 24.95
A-695   11AC Chief Operator, Parts & Svc Manual 19.95 24.95
A-681   L-16 Flight Handbook Plus 15.95 19.95
A-684   L-16 Maintenance Collection 19.95 25.95
A-623   Ex-Cell-O Fuel Injection Man'l 15.95 19.95
B-531   7EC/7FC Maintenance Manual 19.95 25.95
A-618   Goodyear Brake Maintenance Manual 14.95 19.95
A-621   A-50, A-65, A-75, A-80 Ops, Maint & Overhaul 19.95 26.95

    Aeronca Aviator (Joe & Julia Dickey)   Back Issues Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 Vol.4 Vol.5 Vol.6 Vol.7 Vol.8 Vol.9
A-20x   Four issues per volume
$16.95/vol. [Member] $21.95/vol. [Non-member]

    New Aeronca Aviator   Back Issues Vol.10 Vol.11 Vol.12 Vol.13 Vol.14 Vol.15 Vol.16 Vol.17 Vol.18 Vol.19 Vol.20 Vol.21 Vol.22 Vol.23 Vol.24 Vol.25 Vol.26
A-2xx   Four issues per volume
$16.95/vol. [Member] $21.95/vol. [Non-member]

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